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This is the old, boring version of my website.


I'm Jess Martin.

I write, speak, and create the future of computing.

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Current: Reinventing Apps @ DXOS

Projects & Open Source

  • Mumblr - Micro-blogging in the vein of tumblr, powered by Fission's WebNative.
  • Medium Mashup - An Innovation Game where you invent a new tool using randomly selected mediums and notations.
  • Spotify New Releases - 🎶 Timeline view of new albums by your Spotify-followed artists. 🎶
  • CoolButtons - Nifty, iOS style glossy buttons for iOS.
  • Taskpaper TextMate Bundle - Use TextMate to manage your Taskpaper files, complete with keyboard shortcuts and text highlighting.
  • Language Popularity - Simple language popularity tracker based on usage and discussion on a few different sites.
  • Procedural House Generation



Talks I've given in various venues.

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I love supporting people who are doing interesting, thoughtful creative work.

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My code is on github. I'm @jessmartin on twitter.

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